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Skin Care

In Essence facials are designed for relaxation with visible results. You will float away feeling lighter and looking brighter.

All skin care treatments begin with a skin analysis to determine the right treatment for your skin care needs. After determining your skin type and addressing any conditions such as acne, premature aging, rosacea, dehydration, or pigmentation; we suggest the proper treatment for your visit and home care regiment.

To enhance your spa experience, add a massage or try a whole body care treatment with your skin care.



A comprehensive consultation will lead to a customized cleansing and exfoliation, aroma-point massage to relax the mind and revitalize the skin followed by conditioner, moisturizer and solar protection.

45 min – $ 65.00



A deep cleansing and exfoliation customized to your skin’s present condition. Includes gentle extractions and touch therapy massage for shoulders, hands, and arms. Next, a revitalizing masque followed by conditioner and a nutrient-rich moisturizer to hydrate plus solar protection.

60 min – $ 85.00



Everything in the classic including extractions, touch therapy massage, paraffin hand dip, and a specialty mask.

75 min – $ 105.00


Signature Epicurean Facial

This therapeutic treatment helps to rejuvenate your skin by stimulating repair at a cellular level. A triple layered masking system dramatically improves skin firmness, elasticity, texture and overall appearance.

75 min – $ 125.00


Organic Facial

An entirely organic treatment tailored to meet your skin needs using natural botanicals, proteins and enzymes. Replenishes vital nutrients and supports cell renewal by re-mineralizing, refining pores and smoothing skin texture.

75 min – $ 125.00


Crystaline Facial 

A one-step, age-defying treatment geared towards facial restoration. Includes bamboo micro-crystal exfoliation, followed by a micronized crystalline gemstone masque that dramatically diminish fine lines and wrinkles, while improving skin texture, elasticity and color.

75 min – $ 125.00


Oxygen Infusion Facial 

An extraordinary treatment that infuses the skin with pure medical grade oxygen and serums to yield immediate visible results. Wrinkles are smoothed, jaw line and cheek bones are defined, with a refined texture to the skin that will leave you glowing like no other. It enhances all kind of facials. An absolute must for any special occasion.

60 min – $ 125.00

Men’s Executive

This customized men’s skin care treatment is designed specifically to restore skin’s vitality. It provides deep pore cleansing, and exfoliation to address ingrown hairs resulting from shaving. It includes a hydrating masque along with a relaxing massage for neck and shoulders.

60 min – $ 85.00


Back Treatment

A cleansing of the back to remove excess oil and debris followed by an exfoliation using hydro-active mineral salts to polish away dullness. Includes light extractions, a soothing stress relief massage with essential oils and a customized masque to relax and hydrate.

45 min – $ 85.00




Clinical Special Treatments Series

A course of three or six treatments to target the area that concerns you most. Our goal is to achieve the results you desire.

Series are recommended for better longer lasting results. (60 min treatments include a facial.)

Micro Zone

Treatments are designed to target your most pressing skin issues in a short amount of time! A perfect solution for over-stressed skin, tired eyes, and breakouts that need to be banished.

20 min – $ 45.00 and up
Series of 3 – $ 120.00
Series of 6 – $ 225.00

Clinical Exfoliation 

A course of treatments that promote cell renewal and turnover while increasing skin density, firmness, and refine surface texture. A pharmaceutical grade exfoliant insures maximum resurfacing while rebuilding the skins cellular matrix.

60 min – $ 110.00
Series of 3 – $ 290.00
Series of 6 – $ 550.00

Purifying Anti-Acne

Specifically designed to purify the skin through deep cleansing, chemical exfoliation of surface debris, decreasing sebum production while fighting bacteria providing anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe irritated skin and promote healing. This treatment actively manages current blemishes while helping to prevent future breakout activity.

60 min – $ 125.00
Series of 3 – $ 330.00
Series of 6 – $ 650.00


Revitalizing Anti-Aging

The latest in vitamin repair and pharmaceutical grade exfoliation to treat environmentally damaged skin. This treatment promotes cellular repair and regeneration. It improves skin elasticity and stimulates cell renewal to visibly reduce signs of premature aging while boosting the immune functions of the skin.

60 min – $ 125.00
Series of 3 – $ 330.00
Series of 6 – $ 650.00

Chemical Peel

An ideal treatment designed to stimulate cell renewal and to help minimize fine lines, sun-damage and acne. (Not recommended for Retin A users.)

60 min – $ 125.00 & up
Series of 3 – $ 330.00 & up
Series of 6 – $ 650.00 & up


A special treatment created to repair imperfections from sun-damaged, restore youthful looking skin, remove facial lines and wrinkles, addresses in reduction hyper pigmentation, acne scaring, and aging skin.

30 min – $ 65.00
Series of 3 – $ 165.00
Series of 6 – $ 300.00

60 min – $ 120.00
Series of 3 – $ 320.00
Series of 6 – $ 620.00
Enhancement Care Treatment

Adds-on (Can be included with any Skin Treatment)

Paraffin Dip:

– Hands
$ 18.00 (15 min)
– Feet
$ 18.00 (15 min)
– Hands and Feet
$ 25.00 (20 min)
Revitalizing Eye Treatment:
$ 25.00 (15 min)
Specialty Masques:
$ 20.00 and up


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